Mr. Nabeel Ahmad Awan
      Chairman P&D Board       

The World Bank Group, as a strategic development partner of the Government of Punjab under the Country Partnership strategy, has been extending support to the Planning and Development Board to implement the Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project.Underneath the domain of the Project for the first time ever, a tourism policy of Punjab will be formulated that  aims at articulating the Government of Punjab’s commitment to developing the tourism sector of the province along with setting the future direction for tourism and related activities.We would like to acknowledge the efforts and support extended by Mr. IllangovanPatchamuthu, Country Director World Bank, Ms.Kiran Afzal, Team Task Leader, World Bank for supporting us in the design and implementation of this Project. 




Dr. Asif Tufail
Secretary P&D Board

The Planning and Development Board, Government of Punjab is fully committed to strategically reform the Tourism sector of Punjab. Punjab is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the immense heritage potential and encourage heritage tourism. Three sites in Punjab are categorized as World Heritage sites by UNESCO. These are Rohtas Fort in Jhelum, Lahore Fort and Shalimar Gardens in Lahore and Taxila, near Rawalpindi. Underneath the umbrella of the Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project, a venture collaboration of the Planning and Development Board, Government of Punjab and the World Bank, the project aims to promote tourism sector by strengthening the institutional capacity through better skills development, increased private sector participation and improved infrastructure services in support of the tourism sector in the province of Punjab.





       Mr. Muhammad  Waqas Malik 
     Project Director (PTEGP)

The Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project aims to celebrate and rediscover Punjab's vibrant heritage. For much of Pakistan's existence Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim and Sikh religious sites have been lost to obscurity; PTEGP has ignited interest in the preservation of these historic relics. Some of Pakistan's most spectacular heritage sites are situated within embrace of Punjab. We therefore hope to optimize this untapped potential to simulate Pakistan's overall economic growth and project a softer image of tolerance and pluralism to the world.